David Kitz “Shiner”


SHINER is a work from David Kitz’s photographic series entitled, INVISIBLE ENVELOPES. Inspired by Roland Barthes description of photographs as “transparent envelopes” as invisible vessels for their referents, Kitz has set out to investigate the ways in which one could break these envelopes open or shift their boundaries.  In doing so, he constructs still-life arrangements comprised mainly of existing imagery and small three dimensional objects.  Using old magazines, catalogues and other detritus, he layers and builds, bisecting, interrupting, and disrupting original imagery to create shapes, lines, angles, and new borders.  Finally, using his 4×5 film camera, he captures the scene beneath, conflating space, confusing depth, and at times creating an illusion of multiple focal planes.  The resulting images bridge the usually disparate fields in picture making of still-life and photomontage and in effect, produce a larger envelope within which his subjects reside. Buy HEREImageImage