Chatting with David Kitz


David is a man of many talents. He is a drummer (Princeton), photographer, collage artist, bartender extraordinaire, and now, lamp designer. We asked David some questions while we peaked around his studio.

SG: Most people know of your photography work but maybe not ceramics, so what made you want to start your “L Lamp” project? 

DK: The L-Lamp project has come about gradually.  I designed the first prototypes while I was still at art school at UCLA.  I was taking a ceramics class and had free reign to make whatever I wanted.  After taking so many painting, drawing, and photography classes, I was excited about the prospect of producing something utilitarian. Since graduating i have worked to refine the design and now it’s finally ready to share with the rest of the world.  The whole process has really changed the way I think about my relationship to ideas and thinking through form.  Making a functional object requires a whole different kind of problem solving than making a picture.

SG: How do you find the time to make lamps, photograph, create collages,tour, bartend, etc.?

DK: It’s definitely a juggling act. The bartending is obviously at night, which is great.  It lets me work on the other stuff during the days.  The touring is definitely the most all-encompassing thing on that list, and it puts pretty much everything else on hold.  However, being on the road is great for taking pictures and having lots and lots of time to think about shit.  It also helps me come back home to LA with fresh eyes.
SG: Since you spend fair amount of time in a bar, whether it be for music or work, what’s your drink of choice? 

DK: ….Tequila.

SG: What can expect next from you?

DK: Well, I’ve got a show of Photographs up at the Prohibition gallery in Culver City until the end of the month.  It’s a two person show with my talented friend Clara Balzary.  I’m also working on an album with my buddies Robert Francis and Ben Messelbeck.  Stay tuned.

The L-Lamp is now in our store and online.