Books on Books


I’m excited to say we just got a load of books from Greybull Press & James Wagenvoord.

First up is Mr. Wagenvoord. For those that aren’t familiar with his work, don’t worry, because he all his book rule. He produced books that were all things manly. It appears as though Mr. Wagenvoord was a man ahead of his time, reference “The Man Book,” if you don’t believe me.

Man of Style

Second, we have various books from Greybull. Greybull produced some of my favorite books during their time and we are vey fortunate to have gotten a load of brand new and never opened books from them. Greybull was comprised of famed photographer Lisa Eisner and Commune Design’s Roman Alonso. These are all first editions and in amazing condition. Please note that since all these books are out of print, they are priced in accordance with that.