Mateo and Brittany

It’s not too often that you meet people that completely blow your mind. Mateo and Brittany did just that. They live completely off the grid in Baja, Mexico. They love to surf, skate, make surf and skateboards, and “hang with people that have positive energy… and Thai food.” It’s refreshing to meet people that are so kind and positive and living life the way they want to.

My friend told me about what they do and I hounded her to get me in touch with them but ┬ásince they don’t have phones, this made it a bit tricky. Finally, we did connect and they made me 10 custom skate decks. These decks are about 40 years and were completely “thrashed” before Mateo and Brittany got their hands on them. You can shred on these or put em up on your wall. We also got about 35 calendars that were sketched by Matt with ink and pencil. He also included the low and high tide on each day.

can be viewed from google earth

We already have some fun stuff set up with these 2 for 2012. We are proud to say that you can only get these decks here at ST&NDARD GOODS, and nowhere else. Trust us on that!

Calendars are $25 and Decks are $225