Grant & Hiro


The main reason we had our holiday party last week was to showcase some of the things that we have been making under our own brand. But, we also had a couple buddies make some really great things for our shop, and hopefully for you.

First is Grant, who makes some really amazing collages. Our friend Thomas handmade the frames and they couldn’t look better. Each piece is one of a kind and signed by Grant.

“Some Kind Of History” – $1,200

Grant Shumate Collage

“Nostalgia Bloom” – $700
Grant Shumate Collage

I met Hiro through a friend of mine and have truly never met a funnier and cooler dude in my life. You might also get the longest handshake as well. Hiro travels the globe shooting various bands. Hiro is a guy that I wish everybody knew because he immediately puts you in a better mood. Danke Hiro!

Hiro Tanaka Prints – $80 each